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Thanks for stopping by my page!

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~ Shinju Takara (Naruto) ~

    "The Ghost Girl"

Name Meaning: Pearl, Treasure

Eye Color: Deep Turquoise

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5'1

Body Type: Ectomorph - thin, yet somewhat muscular. Has a somewhat 'delicate' appearance.

Occupation: Akasuna no Sasori's Assistant

Birthday: August 6th

Zodiac: Cancer

Birth place: An oasis near Sunagakure, known as the Takara Clan Oasis.

Blood type: O

Hobby: Reading Plays

Theme Songs
Parting Sorrows from Let Me In
The Captain by Kasey Chambers
Ghost by Blue Foundation

An enigma of sorts, Shinju's introverted personality will either intrigue or bore others. Her disposition is of a calm, quiet girl with an aura of mystery - however, despite this, majority remain oblivious to the inner complexities that lie in her nature. Such as, her strange sensitivity that lies with the inanimate, figurative, and on some occasions, the animate. This leads to a intuitive nature that instinctively connects with the metaphysical world around her - a major example being her connection with 'art'.


alternative text

~ Sofia Masque (Batman) ~

alternative text

"The Phoenix"

Name Meaning: Wisdom, Masquerade

Eye Color: Dark Green

Hair Color: Chocolate Brown

Height: 5'5"

Body Type: A thin, yet athletic body type.

Occupation(s): A waitress for an Italian restaurant or street magician in the daytime - an ally to the legendary 'Bat Family' at nighttime.

Birthday: October 28th

Zodiac: Scorpio

Birthplace: Gotham City

Blood Type: B

Hobby: Reading

Theme Songs
WonderSuite by Lyle Workman
Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage
Sophia So Far by Goodnight Radio

Practically the personification of mystery itself, Sofia is well aware of this, as signaled by her usual sarcasm, sometimes quiet nature, and preference to logic over emotion.

However, Sofia still has an aura to playfulness to her, as shown by her constant use of hand gestures and vocal tone towards some individuals. True to herself, Sofia is also more honest and arguably sincere then most. In fact, Sofia unintentionally mimics the mannerisms of none other than the distinguishable Edward Nigma, especially in certain speech patterns.




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With Sofia... I'm thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and making a non-canon EdSofia kiddo. 

4 deviants said So yes...
3 deviants said Her name would be Mona.
No deviants said Sofia would have her be adopted by another family, since she can't care for her.
No deviants said Being a spy and all.
No deviants said But Mona is this little kid with this innocent, curious aura who does terribly in school.
No deviants said Just not the smartest academically.
No deviants said But being good at reading people, and more metaphysical concepts.
No deviants said ... or no?


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